12 DIYs of the holidays - #2 hardware ornaments

it's here! the second DIY of the Mr. Kate 12 DIYs of the Holidays! (check out #1 here!) in this video tutorial i make a really quick and easy hardware ornament! i continued with my neon theme for this year - it all has to make sense together. so this year, think outside the (tool)box for your ornaments!

the last few years i've used live trees (or my own potted ficus) - this year i bought a little potted evergreen that i'll use as a 'table tree' on a cute side table with the presents stacked around.

watch the video for the visual tutorial... What You Need:
  • various sized metal washers from the hardware store (i found some cool star tooth washers that look like little suns!)
  • spray paint primer
  • spray paint color of your choice
  • twine or ribbon
Do It:
  1. paint your washers with primers. let dry.
  2. paint your washers with 1 or two coats of your colored spray paint. let dry.
  3. cut a length between 6 to 12 inches of twine and tie in a loop.
  4. push one end of the loop through the hole of the washer and then through the other side of the twine loop to secure around the washer.
  5. hang on your tree!