14k dreams

today was the Graffiti Beach Summer Sanctuary event where i had a booth set up where Ali and i hocked my Mr. Kate wares. thanks so much to all of you who came out and shopped and supported! ... we did really well, i think it was the headpieces.

we were outside around the pool all day with music and a bar and lots of people stopping by. there was a bikini clad fashion show and lots of press peeps. i stupidly didn't take my camera so we snapped some quick phone photos of: - the fashion show, - me at the booth, - me and Ali nearing the end of the day, - my friend Natalie who came by and bought one of my newest new new pieces: the mini logo necklace in 14k white gold... it's ridiculously amahhzing! - Ali, with her stunning red hair, showing off the Worm Fossil Headpiece in oxidized silver and - us in our wackadoo outfits in front of a chalkboard at Native Foods where we had our post show dins. we then went and saw Inception, which was pretty intense.... i liked it... maybe i'm dreaming right now! but if that's the case, in this dream, i am so ready to go sleep! zzzzzzzzzz