$200 Bedroom Makeover | Hygge Style

If you're not familiar with the term "hygge," it is the Danish word for the feeling of simplicity and coziness that has gained major traction in interior design ... and it is the vibe of today's budget bedroom makeover! Our recipient, Allison, moved into a room that used to be an AirBnb, so it was generic and, ironically, not very inviting at all!

This was one of our most creatively engaging budget room makeovers, since we were able to DIY and upcycle a bunch of items in the room. Watch the episode above to see it all come together and get the details below!

Can you believe that these tables are a DIY? Joey built these from an old headboard that Allison no longer wanted!

We designed these tables to be nesting tables — styled and used together or separately, and to be easily picked up and brought to different parts of the room! How's that for efficient?!

It's not common to hang a pendant light from the wall like a sconce, but there was an outlet for a light in the middle of Allison's wall and so we worked with it! I like the unusual, yet cozy and modern vibe it gives the room.

This duvet cover was another DIY! Since Allison's existing duvet cover was white cotton, we dyed it with Pearl Gray dye, a pinch of salt, and a dash of dish soap! I love the organic way the fabric absorbed the dye. This bedding looks so expensive now, but the project cost less than $10!

This was just a console for Allison before, but with some foam, thrifted sheets, and my favorite item — a hot glue gun — it was transformed into a bench!

Allison was enamored with her new room, and we were so inspired and excited about how our thrift shopping and DIY-ing came together to create a very hygge moment for this lovely lady,