the bus driver is covered in vodka lemonade

double decker bus-to a venice beach beer garden-to a turtle racing bar-to a yacht-to a school bus-to a karaoke bar - all with my friends and fantastic little sister Tess (the freckled lovely in the photos above)... these were the events of this past saturday. started at 1:30pm and ended at midnight. a long day of fun in the sun and the wind with more liquor than i've had in a while... i'm not a big drinker to begin with and i'm pretty picky about my what i drink when i drink...

saturday's choice is what i have dubbed the Macro(biotic) Margarita. the sugar in alcohol is what usually gives you a gnarly hangover, the dehydration doesn't help, but you may notice the head pounding is a lot worse after you imbibe lots of sugary drinks.... my solution: a low glycemic homemade margarita (any of the store-bought mixes will have loads of cane sugar).

Macro Margarita recipe (makes 2 to 3 drinks)...you will be blown away by how good this is!: - the juice of 3 to 4 fresh limes - the juice of 1 fresh orange - tequila (eye-ball it dude, i say go for around 2 shots per drink because you won't taste it with all the lime and agave nectar!) - organic agave nectar (around 2 teaspoons per drink) - filtered water (you can use sparkling water too for a bit of fizz)

squeeze the juice from the limes and orange through a strainer (to avoid seeds) into a measuring cup (for easier pouring). next add the tequila. then add the agave, to taste. dilute with water to taste. then pour in your flask (to-go style) and chill in the fridge or blend with ice or serve over ice with salt in a fancy glass.

-Tess is wearing her Acne wedges, an Otis and Mclain leopard top and urban jacket and vintage turquoise ring and Mr. Kate Bark Knuckle Ring. I'm wearing an urban leotard, high-waisted shorts, gifted captains hat from my friend Ken and Mr. Kate jewelry (Bow Crown Ring, Mr. Kate Logo Full Finger ring, Glow Worm and Bark Necklaces and The Stylish Wanderer x Mr. Kate presents Le Cadeau ring). my friend Lauren is wearing a radical prayer beads necklace from Africa which i thought was so gorgeous!-