a drunk kid in a candy store

i know i posted some pics of this outfit in the JewelMint event post but i wanted to post more detailed shots because i finally figured out how to wear this sheer-ish topshop dress thanks to a vintage white slip! a slip!? who knew?! like what ladies used to wear under dresses all the time - they actually work!

i also loooove these Marcello Toshi shoes with the crochet rosettes! i bought them at a Billion Dollar Babes sale a long while ago and then brought them to NYC where they languished, unworn, in my mom's apartment, away from my stinky feet! so the last time i was in NYC i rediscovered them like a fat drunk kid in a candy store on christmas - wait, i'm mixing metaphors - but you roger what drift i'm spewing...dontcha!?

also there's a close-up of my eye cuz i have a little cat's eye flip make-up thang. watch my tutorial on that technique here!

- topshop dress, flea market belt, Marcello Toshi shoes, vintage slip, Mr. Kate jewelry -