a mr. kate special: COUCHella

if your status is 'NOchella', then how about some DIY COUCHella!?

it's true, everyone has been asking me "are you going to Coachella?!" and most are shocked and dismayed when my answer is 'no.' it's not that i'm against it, by any means! i love festival outfits and fringe and hippie hair and obviously, headpieces!

but in truth, i just didn't really think about it and when i did, i realized tickets are crazy expensive, and i don't really know many of the bands and it's in the desert and there's traffic there and back and... okay fine, i'm not really that into it! but i hope everyone going has a blast and for all those not going... watch the above video for some HOMEchella inspiration!

B T dub step, let's trend it people! #COUCHella

ps. what are you doing for #COUCHella?