a statement

usually i only wear Mr. Kate jewelry but i do have a few vintage/statement/fancy pieces which i don upon occasion. i love statement necklaces and this is one of my all time favorites from my grandma's Native American jewelry collection (did i steal it or did she give it to me? i can't remember). my grandma only wears Native American jewelry and a select few vintage bakelite and ivory pieces. she's pretty rad. she's also very picky about where she gets her 'indian jewelry' from. she has traveled all the way to New Mexico and Arizona to buy it direct from the Natives (is that pc?), so cool! ...obviously nothing pays homage to the Native Americans like pairing their jewelry with some camo...ooooops!

hint: statement necklaces inspired parts of my new collection coming out soon!

in other news: the Beatles are now on itunes and Prince William is going to marry a girl named Kate! i guess my 8th grade plot worked out somewhat in a weird way...all hail Princess Kate! oh well, at least i got the Mr. (watch them 'have a giggle' here)