Adelaine Morin's Hello Yellow Bedroom Makeover

How's this for a power color?! Adelaine Morin, the Internet's sunniest personality, is known for her adoration of all things yellow as much as she is for her awesome YouTube, Instagram, and app content. When she called us up to see if we'd give her bedroom the OMGWACO treatment, I had a pretty good idea what color scheme she'd ask for.

What I didn't expect, and what made this room such a fun challenge to design, was the #juxtaposition of #aesthetics that she had going on! This room needed to blend the hyper-feminine, fairytale beauty guru vibe with a hyper-functional, almost industrial, workspace vibe ... all while staying sunny and positive and reflective of Adelaine's personality.

See how the room came together in the video here, and check out the before and after pictures and shopping links below!

Shop this room!:

Holy wall of holes! Get the tutorial for the pegboard wall here!

This pegboard accessory, originally meant for screwdrivers and other tools, was perfect for makeup brushes and different products! The tools of the face, if you will.

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A pink throne for puppy queen Blue!A personal bouquet of paper flowers! Download the template for these florals to make your own!

An OMG We're Coming Over first! She fell down in excitement!

Awwwh, Cloe loves it, too! These lovely ladies now have a living room and this bedroom makeover by us!

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