ain't no party like a neck partay.

Kalin's neck speaking, and besides hickeys and per-cancerous moles, i really enjoy having things on me. no, no, nothing perverse, just a lot and i mean A LOT of bling.

here are a few of my favorites. see above, this is what i call the "Lorena Bobbitt" with the Theia necklace, a DIY spiked collar and a custom F&P necklace.

i always have to make a mental note not to roll my neck when i wear this shirt to avoid puncture wounds to my arteries. it's a terribly easy DIY to ANY boring collar and a lethal weapon for walking the streets of DTLA.

here we have "stache on stache on stache." layered with my cheap forever 21 costume piece, the Vintage Logo necklace and the Mini Logo necklace it can add a little HOVA to your once boring outfit .

though we don't eat pigs at Mr. Kate, we love making necklaces out of them. "pigs eating hearts & rocks" is a hodgepodge of the Year Of The Pig necklace, the HEART ON, and a whole load of my birth stone, turquoise.

yet another decorated collar, this time with rhinestone beads sewn on, and the one and only Arke necklace (my fav).

lastly, "decaying hippies" includes some vintage Mr. Kate pieces and the Haute Hippie necklace I got AGES ago, and still love more than sriracha.

-kalin (