artifact (decay)

i'm so incredibly thrilled with these photos and every single piece in my new Artifact (decay) collection. Sara, the model, really worked it and there are so many incredible photos from our short, sweet and gritty shoot yesterday. my sister Tess was my co-photographer and we gorilla'd it by combing the ally-ways to find the perfect decaying backdrops. my favorites were an abandoned house with boarded up windows (slightly scary) and a pile of rubble which we made poor Sara climb all over in her platforms. there are so many sneak peeks going on above it's ridiculous, but i couldn't help myself and had to post these photos asap! stay tuned for all those jewelry pieces you see in the above photos to be available for sale so so soon!

but i did just put another new piece from my Artifact (decay) collection in the shop! meet the Decay Cascade Ring! easily one of my favorites from my new collection, i've been wearing my sample non stop. shop it here now!

decay cascade ring