bad ass nature style

ohh me oh my oh, i'm soooo excited about this new Mr. Kate ring! these are my samples that i just got in today and i'm so happy with how they look! the journey to design and make this Bark Knuckle Ring happened a few weeks ago when i was at the flea market and almost bought a 2-finger knuckle ring that was just a simple bar across two fingers. but i stopped myself thinking, "if you want a 2-finger knuckle ring in a bar-like design, make one yourself Kate!" sooo, i came home and made the wax for this very ring, incorporating the new bark texture that i'm using on many of my new pieces, and voila, a ring that's waaaay cooler than the one i was going to buy and in my own design!

i will price them this weekend and have them in my shop next week, so stay tuned! they will be available in antique gold and silver plate.