Stain Proof Shirt? Let's Pour Some Pudding On It! AKA My Time on Beauty Break

If you couldn't tell from yesterday's episode of OMG We're Coming Over, I seriously love hanging out with Joslyn Davis and Lily Marston from Clevver Style. So much so that I couldn't get to their studio soon enough to be a guest on an episode of their hilarious weekly show Beauty Break! ... I was a guest once before last year, here!

This episode is dedicated to one of my favorite pastimes — making a mess!! We tested stain-proofing and stain-removing products to see which really stood up to splashes, spills, and a few too many sips of grape juice. Of course it wouldn't be an episode of Beauty Break if things didn't get a little weird (another favorite pastime of mine), so if you ever wondered how to protect your clothes from being slathered in butterscotch pudding, this is the video for you!

Click play above to breakdown some beauty with me and the Clevver Style gals, and make sure to check out the beautiful (and so far, stainless) studio makeover I did for Joslyn here!