Bright and Colorful Beauty Room Makeover for Patrick Starrr

Patrick Starrr is one of the most popular and inspiring beauty YouTubers and Instagrammers, was the first boy to ever be featured in a Sephora collaboration and just a really big deal AND our next OMG We're Coming Over participant! So, much to my delight, he asked us to makeover his Beauty Room aka Glam Room aka Diva Den where he needed to store all of his makeup (which is more than you can even imagine) and film all his amazing videos! Challenge accepted!!!

Since this is the room where Patrick films his amazing, inspiring beauty videos, we wanted to make it every bit as colorful, fierce, and glamorous as he is. Complete with some DIY Paper Face Art, an easy, yet always chic technique for a half-painted wall, an organized person's dream of a closet (which, P.S., is an Ikea hack!), Patrick's place got the kind of makeover he usually reserves for his face! And he loves it, which is the most important part!

Check out the episode above and enjoy all the before and after pics, below!

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A half-painted wall makes a small room feel bigger! See how to get the perfect paint line here!


See how-to create a custom (Ikea-hack) closet like this here!


My shopping board! Check out all these items and more in the carousel at the bottom of this post! patrick_omgwaco_shoppingboard_mrkate_blogmrkate_omg_waco_patrick-119-of-144

Get the DIY deets for this paper cut-out and makeup swatch artwork here!

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