DIY BeautyMarks embellished decor

DIY BeautyMarks Embellished Decorative Objects are an easy DIY to do by yourself or have a craft night with friends. Are you going to make your decor metallic or watercolor?

For the video tutorial click here: 'DIWhyNot: 3 Holiday Gifts'

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Do It!:

  1. Make sure the surface you are going to BeautyMarks is clean and dry before starting.
  2. Cut out the BeautyMarks design you like and take the plastic off before you place it face down on the area you want to transfer.
  3. Use a wet paper towel to throughly dampen the back of the BeautyMarks paper, hold for 15-20 seconds and peel the paper off to reveal the design now on your object!
  4. Use the spray sealant once you are finished to secure your art for a long life
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