behind the scenes of the Days Of Ore collection

yay! the behind the scenes of the Days Of Ore lookbook (check out the Lookbook photos and video here) and also a little insight into my inspiration behind the collection. yes, i know the Medieval era and Norse and Greek mythology were all born at different times, but i was inspired by all of them for this collection! i love the ancient tradition of using metals from the earth to decorate our bodies and connect ourselves to nature which we've done for thousands of years.

i hope everyone finds a piece from the collection that inspires them to include in their own unique, personal style. with prices ranging from $29 - $299, there's lots of options! SHOP now!

thanks again to my awesome team: Kat Borchart, Lindsey Means, Christina Guerra models, Leore Hayon and Peter Ursich, Joey Zehr, Kailea Iskra and Brad Etter!!!

song "Coasts" (instrumental) by Brett Detar - his entire album is available for a free download here!

we shot at Canyon Park in Monrovia, CA.