best reusable water bottle

the easter bunny left 2 of these Brita filter, on-the-go, reusable water bottles in my easter basket. i'm not sure where he bought them but you can get one starting at $7.99 here. we all know that drinking a lot of water is essential to maintaining a healthy and productive body, but that plastic bottles are horrendous on the environment...

solution!: this is by far the best re-usable water bottle i've found. it has a built-in filter, just like your home Brita pitchers, so that all you have to do is fill it with random tap water! when you suck through the sport-top nozzle, the carbon filter filters out many of the immpurities including that icky tap-water taste! …thus, you can always have clean, crisp water on hand by just filling it up in your office bathroom, random gas station or maybe your garden hose! ...the plastic is BPA free and the filter should be changed every two months, with daily use.