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big ass radish



joey first discovered this guy at the West Hollywood Farmer's market, who sells all these amazing pickled, spicy, healthy, tasty things. joey brought home the Shitake mushrooms, Spicy daikon and Lotus root that we gobbled it up in a matter of days. thus, joey, my mom and i ventured to that very farmer's market this last monday, to hunt him down. the company's name is Dave's Gourmet Korean Foods, and i guess he's an acupunturist who makes and sells these tasty Korean treats as a side business. Anyways, many of the things fit in with the macrobiotic lifestyle, which i have been testing out for the last couple of months, so we stocked up!

i haven't written much about my journey in the macro lifestyle, except to chronicle my first grocery trip, etc. but it's been going really well! it makes so much sense as a way of eating. i was initially inspired to try it after reading The Kind Diet and have since continued my education with The Macrobiotic Way and soon want to read Eating Animals. i am doing it for well-being and not weight loss (although you will undoubtedly loose weight as well), because i like the global perspective that this diet has in terms of acknowledging the global/enviournmental and sympathetic impact your daily diet has on the earth, it's animals (including us), and you personally! it does take some planning and reorginazation of grocery lists, but it is totally doable, even for those people who don't think of themselves as cooks.

current status: i do feel more in tune with my body, less bloated, my blood sugar is better sustained (i have hypoglycemic tendencies) and i feel a peace of mind not eating animal products. the trick is to look at this as a way of life and make sure that you have balanced meals including whole grains, beans and veggies and staying away from processed flours, sugars, dairy and meat (some macros eat fish). if you interested in experimenting, i suggest reading The Kind Diet first because Alicia outlines a great way to ease your way into a vegan/marco lifestyle.

okay, i'm done being didactic and am now off to help mom and tess make a kind feast!

pictures: journey to the farmer's market, daikon radish, zucchini blossoms and last night's dinner of soba noodle soup, brussel sprouts with pine nuts and raisins and fennel with pickled veggie salad/palette cleanser.

  • book reviewCategory_food>recipeseating animalsfarmer's marketmacro bioticmacrobiotic waypickled daikonthe kind dietvegan