Blue and Purple Bedroom Makeover

Sometimes, when decorating a room, the hardest part is deciding on the simple color scheme! Fortunately, Yelena, our LSAT student/ working woman/ dog owner/ cephalopod enthusiast made that step real simple for us: blue and purple! We didn't have to look much further than her bright hair to know what hues were best.

Also, fortunately, it wasn't too hard to find colors that would improve upon the dark and dingy green that was holding this room's cute potential hostage. With some new paint, a DIY desk and other creative weirdo touches, we broke Yelena's ... green, and gave her a bedroom/ study area that all mermaid nerds would dream of!

Watch the episode above and check out the DIY and shopping links below!

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Yelena said her favorite color was very specifically the shade of purple of the dress Beyonce wore in her second set of pregnancy photos. Think we got it?! The paint color is 'Fresh Eggplant' from Dunn Edwards!

Yelena and I drew these cephalopods! She's such an amazing creative weirdo!

By the way, this desk didn't come from the store, it was DIY-ed! Get the how-to here!

I channeled Yelena's penchant for blue dye and DIY ombre-d these curtains myself! Get the tutorial here!