Bohemian Cat-Friendly Living Room Makeover

Any fellow cat parent knows that, as much as we love them, these feline fur babies walk around like they own the place. But to be fair ... they kind of do! Cats can present quite the challenge when decorating, because you know that without proper accoutrements of their own, they'll turn their claws onto your furniture and rugs ... yet, springing for cat towers and cat toys can be costly and unsightly to your otherwise cute space.

For this room makeover, I challenged myself to decorate for the 3 cats that share the space with our main lady Krystle. I wanted to keep their needs in mind, but cater to Krystle's bohemian aesthetic first and foremost. Watch how it went down in the video above and see the before and after pictures below! Get the DIY for these Rug Cat Scratch Wall Tiles! Fancy a DIY Macrame Cat Toy? I've got a tutorial for that!These DIY Cat Tower Shelves are a lot chicer and sleeker than the rug-covered pet store pieces Krystle had before!