Breaking Beige: Small Space Tiki Hut!

Breaking Beige season 2 is back, and we're not just getting freaky — we're getting tiki!!

This quirky built-in 60s feature in Ken and Monica's apartment, coupled with the small square footage and tricky layout of the living room left them with a cluttered, confusing space and almost no room to walk! But no worries, Breaking Beige came to the rescue.

By finding some size-appropriate furniture and rethinking the color choices and layout, we were able to transform this apartment's living and dining rooms into a bright and exciting oasis.

Shop the room!:

One of the biggest "needs" of this room was some updated storage for Ken's DVD collection that is a couple hundred strong!! I found this mid-century inspired tower and some binders with lots of sleeves to get rid of a lot of the bulk, and put more emphasis on organization and display.

Get the tutorial for this DIY Tropical Geometric Wall Art Design here! The print is from Lik Squared! Use the code MRKATE40 at checkout to get a discount here!

Somebody has made themselves right at home on the Flokti rug!!

Monica painted and created the pattern for this step stool ... and it turned out great!! Sometimes, if a piece isn't fitting into your space, you need to not overthink it too hard and just get a little creative weirdo.

Check out this print here!

Some string lights, paired with this island print, really gave the apartment the vacation vibe that was playful, chic, and worked with the Tiki roof instead of against it.

Reveal time!!