candy buffet and cambell's soup party

yesterday, i helped my good friend Natalie set-up for her brother, and my other good friend Alex's, surprise birthday party. we got trays and dishware from the Goodwill and used the same kind of candy/fruit loop decor as i did in the A.sweeT store window seen in this video. the party was Andy Warhol themed, Natalie's idea, so we dined on Cambell's Tomato soup!

food station with tea lights on Cambell's Soup cans.

candy buffet

Alex's boyfriend Michael made this paint-by-numbers portrait of Alex so everyone at the party could take part! such a cute idea!!!

drink station

apple cider in the coolest retro thermos from the Goodwill

fun times! when Alex first walked through the door and we yelled surprise, he turned around and walked out! - it was so funny!