this weekend i went to Catalina Island with Joey and his parents... we took the ferry over. i love this photo because it looks so early 60's or something...

bright sun = dark shadows

the queen mary is growing out of my head!.. ooo, look at that ring!

yes, i do sometimes feel like a little lost bird

there are bison that roam the island, this one was anointed with bird poop and guarding an ice cream shop...

boys with chest hair wear Mr. Kate too!

sandals from Rome on the scalloped bricks of Catalina...oh, and a really chipped pedicure from Vietnam.

channeling Audrey on the blustery ferry

two of my favorite rings buried treasure and bark full finger with Joey's cool flea market silver belt in the b/g.

the perfect weekend ring trio: buried treasure, bark full finger (now in oxidized silver plate) and the all new bark knuckle ring in antique gold!