DIY cavity-free easter basket

Easter is this Sunday and baskets filled with mass-produced candy abound. So we thought we'd put together a cavity-free Easter Basket with still delicious, but non tooth-decaying items.

Hippity Hop! It's the Mr. Kate version of the Easter basket: Get in My Belly Jelly Deux phone case, Mr. Kate Worm cuff, Vertebrae earrings, Fin necklace, Starburst necklace, and Bacchus ring! We added some extra color and lip protection with egg shaped Eos lip balm (not tested on animals. 95% organic, and 100% natural)..not to mention the lip balm is humorous to apply and look at...see below...

Egg shaped balm!...takes some getting used to.


  1. fill your basket with tissue paper and then a layer of moss (comes in packages at nurseries or grocery store plant sections)
  2. add in your cavity-free essentials!

What are you doing to celebrate Easter and bunnies and Spring?