cleopatra knows wassup

these are some samples that i'm playing around with. i love headpieces especially any from Ancient Egypt or Indian fashion . i thought a piece from the worm fossil collection would make an interesting addition to a chain headpiece... this is from the model that i made from wax, i'm still playing around with chains, etc. but since that's pretty much what i did today, i figured i'd post about it! the bracelets are samples too...and the pants? well they're too long, so in a moment of frustration i just buckled my shoes around them and kind of liked how it looked!

my sister is back in town from NYC and i'm so excited! we're gonna do some photo shoots soon before she leaves for a month in Spain! lucky doodle doo.

- j brand pants, aldo shoes, cheap melrose ave flower tee, Mr. Kate bark ring in rose gold, other jewelry samples...coming soon....maybe : )-

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