Colleen Ballinger's Nursery Makeover

Oh, baby!! When one of YouTube's biggest stars announced that she was expecting a bundle of joy, it became one of our BIGGEST requests from viewers that we collaborated for a nursery makeover. Well, here we are! By we, I mean us, Kate and Joey, Colleen Ballinger, her boyfriend Erik, and their soon-to-be-born baby!

Colleen has a busy life, and it's only going to get busier when she welcomes her son in a few months, so she wanted a very calm and simple nursery. We combined that clean vibe with the rustic and jurassic (you'll see!) requests from Erik to create a room that the entire family will love and create so many memories in! Watch the episode above, and check out the before and after pictures and shopping links below!

Shop this room!:

This trunk has been in Colleen's family for a long time, so we needed to keep it going ... but with a new look. We sanded down the finish and gave it a whitewash Pickling Stain so it's serene and minimalist and fits with the nursery perfectly. How cool are these dino decals? Each of these dinosaurs were originally watercolor paintings by me that we got printed into large-scale wall decals!

Shop this I Am Baby Print!Colleen and I DIYed some sweet collages of pictures of important moments to her and Erik and their relationship. It will be so sweet for their baby to grow up seeing the pictures of his parent's love story!