colorful and functional family room design on Home Made Simple

i'm very excited because i did the interior design on another episode of Home Made Simple on OWN this Saturday at 9AM/8c. it was one of the most challenging rooms of the season for me because it is a large converted porch that is used for 4 functions: TV room, workout room, sport's oriented office and little girl's play room! it even had windows on the inside walls! the Swinton family is lovely and they have a charity that works to motivate children to feel better about themselves. their little girls Zoe and Alora are the cuuutest things! and my buddy Chef Stuart O'Keeffe makes healthy snacks for everyone!

of course lots of DIYs were used in the design of this room... like Melted Crayon Art and another wood pallet coffee table! check out some of the detailed photos below and comment with any questions!

the biggest change we made was installing laminate floors instead of the carpet and tile combo they had before. this unified the space and made it feel more open and clean! i moved the desk off the wall because the homeowner only used his laptop instead of the old desktop computer. we put a nice big table in the center of the room to function as a desk, meeting table and play/homework table for the girls. find out more info on all the steps on HomeMadeSimple.com

the homeowner loved his connection to his Stanford football team and wanted the Stanford red incorporated into the room. i used it in moments throughout the space (rug, pillows, etc.) as well as painted a sporty stripe on the rustic table. we also painted the side edge of the Ikea dining chairs that were used around the table.

the homeowner's extensive DVD collection was consolidated into a couple binders and choice DVDs were kept in the boxes and displayed on the old tower shelves that we painted white. i used the top of the old Ikea desk as the base stand for the tv and we cut the old bookshelf in half to have a symmetrical media unit. see the steps on HomeMadeSimple.com

you know how i love my wood pallet coffee table and this one turned out so well! i found two pallets discarded by a dumpster and with some white paint and these raaaad industrial wheels, we turned them into this functional and cool coffee table! see the how-to on HomeMadeSimple.com

the little girl's love to perform so we gave them a raised stage in the middle of the room that has fold-out legs so it can be converted into a kid-height table! we also painted the patched up window space with white board paint so the girls could get creative and Elial (dad) could use the blank white surface to project on during his business meetings. see more on this project on HomeMadeSimple.com

5 year old Zoe loves dress-up and 1 year old Alora loves to play 'kitchen' so i wanted them to have areas for both these things. we hung floating shelves at kid height for a vanity space and a kitchen counter. on the kitchen counter i hand-painted some burners and knobs!

one of my favorite projects was taking super inexpensive sequin dresses from a bargain store and upholstering them on the tops of two hinged baskets.... hello, a dress up basket decorated with a dress!!! how-to on HomeMadeSimple.com

of course no family room is complete without some custom Melted Crayon Art - i had them melt the crayons on a wood canvas to bring in some wood texture and make it more of a substantial piece. see more on HomeMadeSimple.com