Colorful Freckles Beauty Shoot and Lookbook!

Who knew that the Freckles BeautyMarks could get even more fun? Well it's about to be spring, and these new Color Freckles are here to bring the speckled sparkle!

Featuring the dotted designs of the original Freckles packet, but in exciting new shades of iridescent (that's right, you can highlight with holographic freckles!), rose gold, metallic emerald green, and a mix of metallic colors (kind of like the Confetti BeautyMarks!).

Of course, we can't have a new packet of BeautyMarks without a shoot to show them off, and this time I brought my vlog camera with! See our models — Moriah Brown, Sofie Kraft, Marissa Castañeda, Jennie Jaturapatporn, and our very own Brad Etter — photographer, Taren Maroun, and hair and makeup artist, Angie Peek, be total superstars! It's truly a team effort to make shoots like this come together, but thankfully, it's also kind of like a team party!

Watch the vlog above, check out (and pin) the amazing lookbook below, and — DUH — shop some Color Freckles BeautyMarks for yourself!!