Come Shopping with Me for a Surprise Room Makeover!

Like any good interior designer/ social media user/ woman of the 21st century, I have a slight obsession with Pinterest. I know the challenge for many people is taking the ideas and concepts of pictures they've pinned off of the computer screen and making them work in their real home and real life. That's why I was so excited to help makeover the room of one of my followers (my aptly named "Pin Pal") designing and shopping off of a Pinterest board alone!

I took my shopping mission to Marshalls, which is a great place to find so many unique pieces to fit a range of styles. I was shopping with a boho theme for this room, but they had modern and traditional and glam pieces too (which ended up coming in handy, because you know how your girl loves juxtaposition.)

I hope this video gives you tips for identifying the shoppable or otherwise DIY-able elements in the images you pin and how to find those to make them a reality! You really can have it all ... but can you fit it into one shopping cart?! Uh oh!