cool flower: the banksia

Recently I got hip to this radical flower called the Banksia. It's an Australian wildflower that is used rarely in commercial cut flower styling but I think it's so gorgeous and the pattern and texture is almost pre-historic looking. These orange and pink Banksia came in a larger flower arrangement that I won in a raffle at the Create and Cultivate event. The arrangements were created by the extremely talented designer and stylist Veronica Valencia of Willow + Jade. The other flowers had wilted so I pulled out the still thriving Banksia and styled them simply in Joey's home-brew beer jug and an empty Bluecoat gin bottle. They seem to need very little water to stay fresh and look so darn whimsical!

I love how the leaves are like little zig-zags!

I think these are such a unique flower for your Summer bouquets. Check your local wholesale flower markets of florists and see if they can get Banksias. Add them to a centerpiece for a Summer wedding or a bohemian picnic!