Halloween crow kinda

it's a day of posts about my sister Tess! it's her birthday today so i thought it a good day to celebrate her creativity and individuality by posting photos from her recent halloween costume. my email interview with Tess about her costume:

me: you looked amazing!!!!!!! tell me how you did your makeup?

tess: thanks! i was a blue jay/crow kinda. i attached the feather collar around the jacket neck and for my makeup i glued each individual feather on and then glued rhinestones on at the base of the feathers. fake eyelashes, white liner and kaboom! this was my inspiration: Christian Dior Haute Couture Make Up Spring 2008

me: love it! Did you make the feather collar!? how?

tess: i bought the strip of feathers and cut them to the right size then pinned them in the lining of the jacket

me: genius! from a craft store?

tess: the feathers i got from a feather wholesale store thing and the jacket is Patricia Field

didn't she do a great job on the make up!? i'm so impressed with her!