cutie booty payo

styling Jessie Payo

i spent yesterday afternoon at the talented Jessie Payo's home, going through her clothes, and putting outfits together! because, she claimed, she has all these cute things but doesn't know how to wear them (even though every time i've seen her she looks very well put-together). nontheless, it seemed like too fun of a challenge to pass up. so we spent about three hours pawing, or shall i say clawing, through her awesome collection of lace leotards, vintage dresses (including her mom's prom dress from the 70's), vintage boots, high-waisted jeans, pouffy skirts and referee tanks! we sliced and diced and made earrings from earrings (i fastened a pair of dangling post earrings to a pair of round filigree earrings... refer to the 6th photo from the bottom, making them longer weirder and swell). we took a forever 21 mesh lingerie teddy (that is adorned with sequined lips), and cut it shorter to make a cute sheer cropped tank. we cut up a dress, and she used the leftovers as a headband. and we used her Sonia Rykiel for H&M bow brooch on the back of a skirt for a vintage, precious, cupcake look.

i took pics of each look, so she can keep track of all the ensembles. she looked great in everything she put on and we laughed a whole lot, mostly at the word "bandeau" and a black bangle that we fondly dubbed "Bangladesh"..............you had to be there.

i'd say the main pointers are: color blocking (using colors that you wouldn't normally put together but making sense of it with accessories), playing with proportions (because Jessie is petite, like me!) and layering (bras, slips, vests, tights, necklaces, etc.). it was a great experience because we didn't buy anything new and instead, re-vamped everything she already had. it definitely inspired me to get cracking on cleaning out my own closet and putting together new outfits...so eco friendly!