Declutter Your Shower: DIY Shampoo Bottles

In the recent process of renovation, I was very insistent that our completed master bathroom be zen above all else. Details from the tiles to the towels were all chosen in a neutral (black and white is a neutral to me) color palette that would emphasize the calm cleanliness of the space.

So, when it came time to fill my shower with the shampoo, conditioner, and other bathing beauty products, I was hesitant to include the bright blues and pops of primary bottles in this thought-out design.

Enter: the amber bottle. A favorite product of mine for storing DIY beauty products like this Coconut Sugar Scrub, I find that with a little labelling (using either sticker label, or some paint), they're the perfect for a simple, pretty shower design.



Amber pump bottle Amber jar Amber spray bottle White acrylic paint or Waterproof Labels Paintbrush or Permanent Marker (for labels)


Do It!:

  1. Decide what type of jar or bottle is best for each of your products. Essential oils work well in spray bottles, and I prefer my conditioner in a jar, though you could also use a pump bottle!
  2. Use acrylic paint to write a letter on each jar, signifying what yummy-smelling product is inside. Or, if you prefer the look of a label, apply a waterproof label and write the contents with a permanent marker.
  3. Once the paint is dry, pour or otherwise empty the shower product into its new bottle, screw on the lid, and bam! Instantly chicer shower.