hello yellow: wear and decorate
Rachel Asks: hi there Mr. Kate! I have A very important question to ask (well,for me.): how can I wear and decorate with the color yellow?? I could really use your help! thanks! My Answer: Hi Rachel! I personally love the color yellow, it is one of my favorite colors. The color yellow signifies optimism and joy and studies have shown it to be a color that stimulates the brain. Since yellow is a powerful color, it is successful when used sparingly or paired with other pops of bright colors in a color-blocking scenario. Here are some of my favorite uses of yellow in interior design and style as well as some of my past moments on the blog using yellow. Hopefully this get's you inspired and gives you some tips for your personal incorporation of the color!

Wear yellow:

  • HELLO yellow! Full on yellow pieces of clothing. Try pairing it with its opposite color blue (like I did with the turquoise belt above) or other warm colors like red and orange, or you could mute the tones around the pop and go neutral with black, brown and grey. Neon yellow dress by NastyGal, maxi dress by Ella Moss, and oversized coat.

Yellow throughout the years on the Mr. Kate blog!...

Decorate with yellow: