decorate with: french linens


This type of European linen or 'grain sack' cloth with the stripes in red or blue was originally made by farm families to distinquish their grain sacks from each other. They each had their own stripe pattern in red or blue woven into the linen cloth. Lately, the striped cloth has become ubiquitous in interior design and I love using it to infuse a rustic elegance to any space. I personally have these French linen throw pillows and dishtowels. I think this style looks good interior or exterior in a variety of ways!

See more inspiration photos of French linens below and get ideas for your space...aaaP1590200 P1590213P1590205

My dish towels and throw pillows above, and here's my picks for shoppable french linens...


Mr. Kate Gems:

  1. Blue Stripe European Sham
  2. French Linens Bed Skirt
  3. Vintage red stripe Tea Towels