design inspo: authentic victorian house

The historical Victorian house in which we shot the Gibson Hair tutorial (and where they shot the TV show Charmed) is so gorgeous inside and out, we had to devote a post to showcase the interior design. The Victorian era was all about embellished details from the wallpaper to the doorknobs - see more Victorian houses from my visit to Heritage Square.

To get the authentic Victorian look in your home is obviously challenging if you don't live in a historic house like this one. But, you can infuse some embellished design into your spaces by collecting Victorian decor items i.e. statues, lamps, dishware, crystal decanters, art, etc. from your local flea market and thrift stores and placing them around your home. also try using textiles like velvet curtains and tassel tie-backs to get the look.

Okaaaay, maybe these guys aren't authentic Victorian but they are quite enthusiastic about each other and live in the backyard of the house.