Designing Our Tiny Home On Wheels

We may make it look glamorous in this picture, but trust us — the beginning stages of our airstream transformation have been anything but! We made an intentional choice to not buy a truly vintage airstream, but one with functioning features like electricity and plumbing ... but that means that now we need to work around all of the wiring, tubing, and structures when redesigning!

Let's take a look around the airstream as it was before we show you what a demo mess we've made of it!

Consider those the "before" pictures, and here are the "afters" of our gutting!

Bye bye, bed! Hello open space that presents as many opportunities as it does questions on what to do and, as important — how to do it. I really want to honor the decade that made airstreams a mainstream thing, the 1960s, in the design, so I've started putting together an aesthetic vision full of curves, patterns, and color. Meanwhile, the floor plan has a few different options in the running ... watch the video and let us know which you like best!