DIY 2D (Butts & Boobs) Wire Art

When I presented Liza Koshy with some wire and asked her to create a shape that spoke to her, she immediately created a battalion of booties. Being no stranger to a good piece of DIY butt art, I was very down for the body positive, a little bit funny, but still beautiful (bootiful?) creations. To match her booties, we also created some wire boobs, and made some of the best NSFW art since the Renaissance painters (Ren-ass-ance?!).

But(t), in all realness, even if you aren't on mine and Liza's level of love for the body's curves recreated in wire, there is still endless potential for this DIY. You can create something equally as literal, or let your imagination guide your hands and create an abstract web of wire that will look like a million butts bucks. Okay, the puns have to end now, because it's time to get into the DIY!

Prep It:

Frames Watercolor paper Wire Pliers Wire cutters Hot glue gun and sticks

Do It!:

  1. Remove the backing from your frame and measure out a piece of watercolor paper to fit inside (or if you already have the perfectly sized piece of paper, skip this step!) Set aside the glass front, since this art is raised, it won't be needed!
  2. Create your shapes out of wire, trying to keep the design as flat as possible. Use scissors or wire cutters to trim the wire pieces you need, and pliers to help bend it into shape.
  3. When you've created your whimsical, wiry design, use hot glue to adhere it to the watercolor paper.
  4. Frame your art, hang it on the wall, and enjoy your metallic, minimalist creation!

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