DIY aquarium coral decor

i've been wanting to try my hand at this DIY and it's so super easy and, i think, super chic! think beyond the fish tank! who knew that the pet store held such rare and exotic sea treasures?

you can use this coral decor for an accent on your shelves, table or center piece! you could even use it as a jewelry "tree" if you wanted... or you could mount it on a really weighted base or pedestal and use it as a bookend!

What You Need:
  • plastic aquarium coral from your local pet store or online
  • spray paint - color of your choosing
  • base or pedestal for your coral (ex: a used candle container, block of wood, pedestal candle holder, etc.)
Do It:
  1. spray your coral and pedestal (if you want) with one or two coats of spray paint. let dry.
  2. place on base in a spot for everyone, and you, to admire its beauty! you may want to glue your coral to the base with a little E6000 or museum putty