DIY broken chain clutch


Over the years, I've gathered odds and ends of broken costume jewelry, chains, etc. (not Mr. Kate pieces of course!) thinking that'd I'd do something with them. I used some broken jewelry on the DIY Upcycled Jewelry 3D Letter project from a couple years ago. I like the idea of mixed media - adding metal to fabric, etc. and after the Oscars showed off some decadent clutches on the red carpet, I thought up this DIY Broken Chain Clutch using broken chains and a plain black clutch from the Salvation Army!

The purse looks great with the feather rings from our new Ars Magika collection - did you see the lookbook yet!? Also, if you like this project you might also enjoy my DIY Color Lined Clutch


Prep it:

  • A clutch (I got this black one from a Salvation Army for $4)
  • E-6000
  • Broken Chains (if you don't own any, these are more items you can get at a local thrift store as well)



  1. Play around with the placement of your chains without the glue, just to get a sense of what design you want to acheive because once you glue, there's no going back!
  2. Add a patch of the e6000 glue, start small, you can always add more and drizzle your chain over the wet glue.
  3. Repeat with your other chain pieces on other areas of your purse
  4. Let dry and clutch it!



Outfit Deets: