DIY Drop Ceiling / Fluorescent Lights Update

If you move into a new office or apartment, the space might be great, but the ceilings are a tell-tale sign of the era the building is from. When you're dealing with ceiling tiles and fluorescent lights — a staple in most professional buildings — the good news is that a chic, modern update is completely feasible and not that difficult to install!

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Prep It:

2x2 ceiling tiles 2x4 ceiling tiles Fluorescent light film

Do It!:

  1. Remove the existing drop ceiling tiles. Whether you need one size or two sizes of new tiles (depending on the layout of your ceiling), pop the new ceiling tiles into place.
  2. For the fluorescent light film covering, remove the diffuser from the ceiling and measure the film to its size.
  3. Cut the film, remove the backing, and smoothly cover the diffuser.
  4. Pop the film-covered light diffuser back into the ceiling, turn the lights on, and spend some time looking up to enjoy your new overhead view!