DIY christmas crown/ sparkle crown

I love to even upcycle past DIY projects! We used this glitter paper in our DIY Fall Selfie Wall and since we took it down to make way for the DIY Winter Selfie Wall, I had to make a crown out of the remnants! See last year's DIY ornament headband for another festive holiday crown. Make these and wear them with your friends and family for a sparkly good time!

Prep it:
  • glitter card stock paper - from craft store
  • scissors
  • headband
  • hot glue gun
  1. cut out different shapes of the card stock, cut one side arched so it can be glued to the shape of the headband
  2. glue the arched side to the head band with the hot glue gun
  3. layer the pieces of card stock till it covers the crown and you get your desired look

Outfit Deets: