Bouquet of the Month: Cinco De Mayo DIY
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When putting together this Cinco de Mayo/ every day of every spring month-inspired bouquet, Team Mr. Kate did our favorite thing and juxtaposed! The flouncy flowers of spring have met their complimentary opposite in the form of an old salsa can. How do you say 'upcycled' en español?

This bouquet is perfect for your Cinco de Mayo decor, but also for a cheeky undercut to the shameless feminine exuberance of the blossoms, any day of the year.

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Prep It:

Salsa or tomatillos can




Queen Annie's Lace

Pink Carnation

Olive Branches



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Do It!:

  1. Make yourself a yummy snack and empty the can of its delicious contents. Wash it with hot water and let it dry.
  2. Fill the can halfway with cool water and start adding your flowers. Add the sunflowers and carnations first, since they're the larger stems and their size and color will dictate the flow and structure of the bouquet.
  3. Fill in with some chamomile, Queen Annie's lace, and olive branches. Keep adding flowers and accents until the bouquet is full.
  4. To add the succulent, remove most of the roots from the bottom of the plant and secure a skewer through the base. Now place it in the bouquet, making sure it is facing up and the wooden skewer is obscured by the other flowers.
  5. Voila!! The perfect mid-spring, early summer bouquet is done!
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