DIY Cloud Mobile


To see the video this DIY was featured in, check out Breaking Beige: The Perfect Vintage DIY Nursery (PART 2)

MrKate_BreakingBeige_Nursery-66 MrKate_BreakingBeige_Nursery-7 Prep It:

MrKate_BreakingBeige_Nursery-17 MrKate_BreakingBeige_Nursery-19 MrKate_BreakingBeige_Nursery-20 MrKate_BreakingBeige_Nursery-21

Do It!:

  1. Tear and fluff the batting into sturdy little cloud shapes. No two clouds are alike!
  2. Cut about a 4 inch piece of wire and twist it into a corkscrew shape with a look on one end.
  3. Cork screw the wire end into the cloud.
  4. Tie a piece of fishing line onto the loup.
  5. Screw your ceiling hooks securely into the ceiling.
  6. Tie the other end of the fishing line through the ceiling hooks at your desired height. Sweet dreams!