DIY confetti favors

People say, 'it's all in the presentation' and these DIY confetti favors are super simple but the combo of elements aka presentation, make them tasteful and fun for any celebratory dinner…especially New Year's! I got these little glass containers at the craft's store and was just waiting for a way to use them. Make these little confetti favors and place them at each table setting at a dinner or display them on a tray at a cocktail party for people to grab and open when the clock strikes 12!

Prep it:
  • confetti
  • small clear glass jars - these flip-top jars are from the crafts store
  • piece of paper or funnel

  1. create a funnel with a piece of paper and pour the confetti into the jars
  2. seal them and place at each place setting on a dinner table or display on a tray for your guests to grab