DIY cotton blossoms bouquet

I love these DIY Cotton Blossoms for their Winter-y look and almost spooky silloughette. I think these are perfect for subtle Halloween decor or just a minimalist, Winter accent. Also, this might be the easiest DIY I've ever done. These look fairly realistic as well, see what real cotton blossoms see them here.

These Cotton Blossoms would also look amazing in a DIY Fabric Wrapped Vase!

MrKate_Cotton_Blossoms-11 MrKate_Cotton_Blossoms-2

Prep It:

MrKate_Cotton_Blossoms-3 MrKate_Cotton_Blossoms-5 MrKate_Cotton_Blossoms-6

MrKate_Cotton_Blossoms-4 MrKate_Cotton_Blossoms-7 MrKate_Cotton_Blossoms-21 DO IT!:
  1. Pull apart your cotton balls a bit so they look a little less perfect
  2. Place a dot of hot glue on the bottom of each one and secure it around the tip or protruding twig on each branch. TIP: Use smaller pieces of cotton for blossoms placed lower down the stick to look like little buds,
  3. Display your cotton blossoms in a pretty vase!
MrKate_Cotton_Blossoms-10 MrKate_Cotton_Blossoms-12

MrKate_Cotton_Blossoms-18 MrKate_Cotton_Blossoms-19 If you do this project please share a pic with #mrkate! xo