DIY decorate: think beyond the birdcage

we're crazy about using vintage birdcages for anything but birds! if you remember i picked up a birdcage last weekend at the flea market (Joey's lugging the giant thing here) and we're still figuring out exactly what to do with it. birdcages make great planters, as seen used outdoors in Emma's backyard and below, inside my interior design client's house. you can also see birdcages housing chandeliers, which is a great look.

birdcages are sold very inexpensively at flea markets and garage/yard sales, vintage shops, etc. so keep your eye out for one and get creative and think outside the birdcage...err, or beyond the bird!

this amazing birdcage i found for a client at the Melrose Trading Post flea market. it goes amazingly in their vintage inspired 1920's California bungalow house. i filled it with really easy to care for vine-like indoor plants. the plants will continue to grow and fill up the whole cage! love!

a tiered birdcage makes a great candle holder - i love the peeling paint on this one that Emma has in her backyard. i think it will look really cool once the wax starts melting down...so romantic!

how do you decorate with a vintage birdcage?