DIY Dragged Paint Wall Art

Although wall art is endlessly fun to look at and shop for, the reality is, most pieces (especially large-scale ones) are so costly you could design an entire room for just that price tag!

When decorating Cloe's dining room, I knew we could have our cake and eat it too — a beautiful, large piece of shining, sophisticated wall art, but on a college girl's budget!

Starting with the decision to use a piece of plywood instead of a canvas (saving major $!), this process is wallet-friendly and so much fun to make! (Almost as fun as it is to look at and enjoy in your decorated space.)


Prep It:

Large piece of plywood Many shades of gray paint Large drywall spreader Spatula Paintbrush Silver glitter Silver leaf pages Power drill 6 silver standoffs


Do It!:

  1. Start by painting your plywood piece white, or the lightest shade of gray you have. This ensures that there will be no wood peaking through in the final design!
  2. To make your painting, pour little puddles of different shades of gray in a vertical line on one edge of the plywood. Use your spreader to swipe/ drag the paint horizontally across the plywood. You don't need to make straight lines, have fun waving the lines around!
  3. Continue this process until you have covered the canvas and are happy with your design. Use the paintbrush and spatula if needed to get exactly the lines/ look you were going for!
  4. To add some sparkle, sprinkle silver glitter lightly across one of the paint stripes when it is still wet. The glitter will stick to the paint as it dries!
  5. Once the paint is dry, add even more shine by transferring pieces of silver leaf across the design.
  6. When you're all done, measure halfway across the plywood sheet and mark two spots — one close to the top and one close to the bottom. Mark 4 other spots across the corners of the plywood.
  7. Drill holes through each of these spots. Then, with the help of a friend, hold the plywood up to the wall where you want it to hang and mark through the holes onto the wall, so that they line up.
  8. Drill where marked on the wall, and hang the painting using your standoffs. DIY perfection!