DIY Drip-Paint Pumpkin Vase

If it’s fall, there will be pumpkins. With Halloween around the corner, #PumpkinSpiceLatte basically being a national anthem, and tons of fun opportunities to go gallivanting in the pumpkin patch (in a cute sweater outfit, natch), this season will have you seeing orange … and a lot of it.

But what if you can have the creative potential without the color commitment? Indulge in the spirit of the season in an unexpected way with this beautiful DIY Drip-Paint Pumpkin Vase! Topped with fresh flowers, it works as a stunning centerpiece, bright accent for any room, or even a great hostess gift for any autumn parties you might attend.

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Pumpkin Knife Craft paint (we used gray and neon pink!) Small paintbrush Mason jar Floral foam Fresh flowers

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  1. Clean your pumpkin and get to carving! Try to cut a hole in the top just big enough for your mason jar to fit through. (Though it doesn't hurt to have a smaller mason jar as back-up!)
  2. Paint the top half of the pumpkin with your first color of paint. Make sure all the orange from the pumpkin is covered, then wait for the paint to dry and flip it over the pumpkin and paint the bottom half with the second color.
  3. With the pumpkin still upside down, start dripping the second paint down the sides of the pumpkin, using the paintbrush when necessary to fill in gaps or help push the paint down the side. (Tip: tilt the pumpkin to help the paint drip!) Then, let a little crazy out and add some splatter accents!
  4. When all the paint has dried, return the pumpkin to its upright position. Insert the mason jar and floral foam (cut down to fit into the mason jar.) Then fill the jar with water and start assembling your bouquet! Try placing larger flowers first and working from the center out.
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