DIY flower bed valentine

This Valentine's I'm very into punny cards - as seen in this DIY "Hey Buddy" Valentine too. This Flower Bed DIY Valentine is super simple to make for someone that you share or want to share a bed with...now's the time to invite them to your soil-ed sheets (ew) too far?

For another DIY flower Valentine idea, check out this post: 'DIY "Hey Buddy" Valentine'.

MrKate_DIY_FlowerBedValentine Prep It: MrKate_DIY_FlowerBedValentine-2 MrKate_DIY_FlowerBedValentine-3 MrKate_DIY_FlowerBedValentine-4 MrKate_DIY_FlowerBedValentine-5

Do It!:

  1. Write your message and draw your flower bed. Make sure the pillows are big enough for your pressed flower heads.
  2. Hot glue the flowers to the cards over the pillow space - you can have the stems disappear under the covers for a cute touch
  3. Give it and giggle!