DIY framed glitter

If you're a regular reader of this here bloggy blog, you know I'm a fan of easy-to-DIY, decorative wall art and this framed glitter project is no different! Heck, I've been known to paint with a spoon so it's probably no surprise that glitter bombing is total amusement for me and creating glitter wall art that looks like a glitter bomb in a contained rectangle gives me complete joy. This DIY, like all that I do, can be interpreted per your personal taste - do it large-scale, colorful, mix the glitter sizes, etc. the point is, it's easy for all and makes a chic, metallic statement in any room.

Prep It:
  • picture frames (mattes optional)
  • different sizes of glitter - or one size, depending on your preference
  • spray adhesive
  • paper and scissors if you don't want to use the paper that came with the frame for your base

  1. Take apart your frames and cut a piece(s) of paper or use the paper that came with the frame as your base for your glitter art
  2. Lay the paper(s) out on a piece of newspaper, etc. and spray a light coat of the spray adhesive
  3. Within 15 seconds (to ensure a permanent bond) sprinkle your glitter onto the piece of paper in whatever design you like. Repeat with your other pieces of paper if doing more than one and let dry.
  4. Once dry, lay the piece of glass from the frame over your glitter paper and carefully insert it back into the frame and secure the backing
  5. Hang or prop up your new glittery art and enjoy!